Addy's Hooked Rug Kit.

Addy's Hooked Rug Kit was a Historical Character Craft Kit introduced to Addy's Collection in 1993 and retired in 1996. Retail cost was $14 and later increased to $15.

The kit contains enough to make a doll-sized rug.

Rug Backing

Open weave rug backing, 9" wide by 7" long. Printed red heart at center for guideline.


Three packs of 18" by 5/8" wool strips: navy blue, light gray and red.


Four spools of thread: two white and two black.


Tan burlap cloth backing; 8.5" wide by 9" long.

Crochet Hook

Size H aluminum crochet hook.

Needle and pin

Sewing needle and straight pins. (These come in a clear storage tube.)

Measuring Tape

One yard (36") long white plastic measuring tape.

Instruction Book

Instruction book with diagrams on making a hooked rug.

Additional Needed Components

  • Craft scissors
  • Iron
  • Tape

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