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Felicity's Christmas Gown and Stomacher, an example of a Holiday outfit.

Holiday Outfits are primary outfits associated with the Holiday Books or holiday story for the Historical Characters.[1] This also includes outfits for the Best Friend Characters. In holiday-focused advertisements for characters, these are the outfits they are shown in, especially in catalogs.

The outfits were often styled to resemble formal or semi-formal dresses of the era appropriate for the character's age; the notable exception is Kirsten, whose holiday outfit is an informal Saint Lucia gown and in the context of the stories, is stated to be a spare nightgown.

Outfits for the Historical Characters were, until the 2004 book cover changes prior to the BeForever revamp, shown on the cover of the first versions of the holiday Books. Many were part of the story in some way, generally with special meaning to the character.

Kaya does not have a holiday outfit, as she would not have celebrated Christmas (or any Christian holidays). As of 2024 all but Rebecca's Hanukkah Outfit are retired.

List of Historical Holiday Outfits[]

Historical/BeForever Characters[]

Best Friend Characters[]

The Best Friend Characters all have holiday outfits. The outfits are primarily tied to the movies and are shown worn on the characters, generally near the end of the movie. The exceptions are Ivy Ling (who, while one of the main characters in Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance, did not get a film before retirement) and Ruthie since Kit's movie was not based on a Christmas-time ending.


  1. The exceptions are Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner, as they share their series together.