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The Holiday Ornaments, shown on the Tree and Trimmings.

The Holiday Ornaments is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 1998 and retired in 2001. It was paired with the Tree and Trimmings. Retail cost was $26 and increased to $32.

Snowflake Ornaments[]

Nine snowflake ornaments. These are white plastic and have several pieces attached together to give them a three-dimensional effect. White glitter on top.

Glass Bells[]

Six glass bells. The set had two gold, two red, and two green bells. Each had gold glittery swirls on top of the glass.

Teardrop Ornaments[]

Six glass teardrops ornaments. These seem to have originally come in red, blue, and gold, with customers receiving two of each. Each had gold glittery swirls on top of the glass.


Eighteen frosted plastic swirled icicle ornaments.

Ball Ornaments[]

Twenty-five mini glass balls. These came in gold, blue, silver, red, and yellow.

Birds Ornaments[]

Six assorted bird ornaments. These birds have faux feathers and plastic beaks and eyes. Two are all white, two are red with green heads, and two are shades of blue and white. They have strings attached so they can be tied to tree branches.


Twelve assorted molded figure ornaments. These came with gold string on them to attach them to the tree. Examples of figures included are a brown gingerbread man, a cardinal in the snow, a candy cane with a green bow, a red sleigh with presents inside, a toy soldier, a toy rocking horse, a gold horn with a red bow, a red stocking with a brown dog's head peeking out, a green and red drum, a brown teddy bear with a red bow, and a Santa figure holding a tree.


Twelve velvet bows. These are red with gold tinsel ties that attach to the tree branches.


Twelve assorted metal bells in shades of silver, red, and gold.

Candy Canes[]

Twelve candy cane ornaments. These are red and white pipe cleaners combined together. Candy canes can hook directly over top of ornaments.

Glass Balls[]

Twelve colored bulb ornaments. These are designed to look like large string light bulbs. Gold end piece with opening for ornament hook. The set came with three of each of the following colors of bulbs: blue, yellow, green, and red.

Ornament Hooks[]

One hundred gold ornament hooks were included with the set.


  • A special offer allowed consumers to buy the Tree and Trimmings and receive the Holiday Ornaments free in 1999.

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