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The Holiday Decorations.

The Holiday Decorations are an American Girl Minis accessory set. They were released in 2001 and retired in 2003 with the rest of the line. Retail cost was $20.


Three fabric stockings. One is light blue with pattern of green and red circles with white outlines. It also has a green fuzzy trim and green hanging string. The second has an argyle pattern of lime green and royal blue with white lines separating the diamonds. It also has a royal blue fuzzy trim and blue hanging string. The final stocking is light pink with a swirling white line pattern and red dots at the ends of the lines. It has a white fuzzy trim and white hanging stocking.

Stocking Hangers

Three white snowflake stocking hangers. Each has a painted metallic red knob in the center to hold stockings.


Green sparkly wreath. Wreath has five small snowflake decorations. These are green snowflakes with pearly white ends and green rhinestones in the center; they match the ornaments in the Christmas Tree set.


Five wrapped gifts. The first is metallic blue with a blue string ribbon and fuzzy blue decoration. The second is light blue with a swirling white line pattern with dark blue dots at the ends of the lines. It has dark blue string and a plain white snowflake decoration. The third is maroon and light green argyle with a thick maroon velvet ribbon. It has a plastic maroon flower decoration on it. The fourth is metallic red with a purple organza ribbon tied in a bow. Finally, the fifth gift is light pink with a green and red circle pattern. It has a dark red string ribbon and a light pink fabric flower decoration with a white center.

Plush Kitty

Pink and white plush cat.

Holiday Cards

Five miniature holiday cards.

Card Holder

Silver card holder. Holder has red arms that hold all cards on ends.


White plate with three glittery cookies on it- a green tree, pink star, and white snowman.


Clear glass holding faux white milk.

Candy Canes

Five red and white striped candy canes.


Clear glass with light blue base. Holds candy canes.

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