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Kit Kittredge is released Fall 2000 with her first three books and accompanying clothing and accessories. Ms. Rowland steps down fully and the company is now wholly owned by Mattel. American Girl Minis are launched.


The second half of Kit's collection is released. The first Girl of the Year, Lindsey Bergman, is released Summer 2001 (under the line "American Girl Today" as a contemporary character). Felicity begins to be pulled from catalogs.


Kaya'aton'my is released Fall 2002 with her entire collection (her collection is much smaller due to cultural limitations). She is billed as the First American Girl, as is her right as a Native person. Felicity was removed from catalogs with Kaya's release. Lindsey is discontinued at the end of 2002. Girls of Many Lands are launched with the first five dolls.


Kailey Hopkins, the second Girl of the Year, is released. Hopscotch Hill School, a line of dolls and books for 4-to-6-year-olds, is launched. American Girl Place is opened in New York City. American Girl Minis are discontinued. Bitty Twins are launched.


Pleasant Company officially renamed American Girl. Samantha: An American Girl Holiday debuts on the WB. Simultaneously, movie items are released. The first Best Friend, Nellie O'Malley, is released, originally intended as a limited edition. The new American Girl Club is released.


Marisol Luna, the third Girl of the Year, is released. Felicity: An American Girl Adventure debuts on the WB. Elizabeth Cole, the second Best Friend, is released. To match her appearance in the movie, she is blonde and blue-eyed and all illustrations are modified to make Elizabeth blonde. Many previously retired items from Felicity's collection are rereleased, and she returns to catalogs. Girls of Many Lands is discontinued. American Girl Today renamed Just Like You.


Twenty-year anniversary.

Jess McConnell, the fourth Girl of the Year, is released. Hopscotch Hill School is discontinued. American Girl Place in Los Angeles, CA is opened. Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front debuts on the Disney Channel and is simultaneously released on DVD. Emily Bennett, the third "Best Friend", is released; she is marketed as Molly's English Friend. Illustrations are changed to give her slightly longer hair. The American Girl Club is discontinued.


Nicki Fleming, the fifth Girl of the Year, is released. American Girl Boutique and Bistros are opened in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. Julie Albright is released Fall 2007 with all her books and several items. Simultaneously, her best friend, Ivy Ling, is released.


Mia St. Clair, the sixth Girl of the Year, is released. Ruthie Smithens is released as the fifth Best Friend. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl is released in theatres. Julie's summer and birthday items are released. Samantha and Nellie are announced to be "archiving" -- all their items will be retired but the books will remain available. American Girl Boutique and Bistros are opened in Natick, MA and Minneapolis, MN. Licorice is discontinued. Ear piercing is made available for all 18" dolls.


Chrissa Maxwell, the seventh Girl of the Year, is released along with Sonali Matthews and Gwen Thompson. Chrissa Stands Strong debuts on HBO and is later released on DVD. Rebecca Rubin is released Summer 2009 along with all her books and several items of her collection. Samantha Parkington and Nellie O'Malley are officially archived; only the Mini dolls, movie, and books remain available for purchase. Kirsten Larson is the next Historical Character to be archived.

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