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Samantha's Bedtime Accessories.

Historical Nighttime Necessities are a Historical Character's accessories associated to bedtime. These were frequently called the "Nighttime Necessities" as well.

Originally these sets often included a book, a method of heating or lighting at night such as candles or lamps, and/or a method of washing up in the morning. Until the widespread use of indoor plumbing, people did not do morning or evening toiletry care (such as face washing) in a bathroom; body waste elimination was done in separate outdoor toilet facilities kept outside the main living quarters (with such euphemisms as the privy, necessary, or outhouse), often a distance away, and due to levels of filth were not used for morning cleaning. Therefore, people kept morning and evening toiletry items in the private bedroom.

With BeForever's release of bedroom sets, practically every characters received new accessory sets. Many contained items similar to ones from various older retired sets.

All of these are now retired.

Nighttime Accessories for Historical Characters[]


  1. This also includes a night table.