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Historical Collections are collections of all a Historical Character's outfits, accessories, and furniture that has been available. It also includes, until 2002, the thematic groupings of available items based on Central Series books, with the intention of showing how topical items changed through history.

Facts and History

From the debut of the American Girl Collection in 1986 until around 2004, the Historical Collection's basis was designed around the idea that although some things have changed, others have remained the same when it comes to being an American girl. Therefore, just as the Central Series stories followed the same pattern of stories about each Historical Character, the doll collections had the same types of items for each character. Until around 2002 (through the release of Kit Kittredge), each collection was combined into one layout in the catalog and maintained nearly equally for each character.

Divergence and Changes

The first divergence was Kaya'aton'my's collection in 2002. This was due to the necessary cultural differences of her life as a Nimipuu (Nez Perce) girl in the 1760s as compared to the lives of the other girls. Nevertheless, an attempt was made to provide Kaya with as many analogues as possible. Thus she has a special pet, food sets ("lunch"), a special gift from her mid-series Winter story, etc.

The second divergence occurred sometime around 2001-2002 when new releases were often limited to some of the characters. For example, Samantha Parkington and Molly McIntire received items related to their Travel Scrapbooks (but Kit Kittredge did not).

When Nellie O'Malley debuted, she and Samantha both received items related to their movie, Samantha: An American Girl Holiday but unrelated to any other collection pieces. Movie inclusions, as well as focuses on two to three characters, led to very unbalanced collections, and continued as more Best Friend characters were released and low-selling items were discontinued from other collections—most notably Addy Walker, Felicity Merriman, Kirsten Larson, and Josefina Montoya.

Julie Albright's collection—the first half of which debuted in the autumn of 2007—attempted a return to the prior theme of the historical collections, but many components were quite different. For example Julie is not given a desk and school supplies in her school collection; in order to focus on her playing basketball, she had a set of gymnasium bleachers and basketball gear. Rather than a nighttime style trunk based on standard storage, she received a school locker.

Best Friend Characters were given collections as well; most have extra clothes items and occasional accessories to complement the Historical Characters collections, and these collections are smaller than the full Historical Collection. Through American Girl the collections were categorized together under the primary Historical Character (for example, Elizabeth was considered part of Felicity's Collection).

In Fall 2008, Samantha Parkington and Nellie O'Malley's entire collections were retired by American Girl with the exception of their books, mini dolls, and movie. This was the first time a Historical Character had ever been made wholly unavailable for purchase. In Fall 2009, Kirsten Larson and her entire collection was archived. In Spring 2011, Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole's entire collections were archived. Molly McIntire and Emily Bennett's entire collections were archived in 2014.

In Summer 2011, Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner further diverged from the traditional historical collection theme. Both characters were equally promoted as Historical Characters rather than a Historical Character and her Best Friend Character, with emphasis on a shared, single collection between the two.

American Girl announced Samantha would be rereleased in Autumn 2014 with the launch of BeForever. Later, Felicity and a small rerelease of Molly were made. Other characters were later cubed, reducing collections only to the doll, books, and meet accessories.

Collections in recent eras are not as based on direct data in the stories and can vary from character to character, though new releases often attempt to include multiple characters that are available and are often themed (such as the release of new bedtime outfits in Spring 2015, Limited Edition Historical Outfits, and the revamping of items when BeForever was depreciated). With the return of illustrations, items shown in the stories may reflect items in the collection (with some older ones having modified images to match).

Complete Collection Purchases

At launch in 1986, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly had collections similar to the later starter collections. These consisted of the doll and meet accessories, the first three books (as these were the only ones released) of the Central Series in hardback, the available school and holiday outfits and accessories, nightgowns, beds and the trunks in the $425-475 range.

Through the release of Josefina Montoya, it was possible to purchase various grouped historical collections:

  • The "Starter Collection" (or Collection I) consisted of the doll and meet accessories, outfits and accessories from the first three books (minus school desks), the first three books of the Central Series in hardback, and a hairbrush for about $250–300.
  • "Collection II" consisted of the outfits and accessories from the second three books and the second three books in hardback for about $350–400. The doll and any furniture were not included.
  • "Birthday Collections" consisted of all the accessories and items from the Birthday Collection (minus doll) for about $150–200.
  • "Sweet Dreams Collection" consisted of everything in the Bedtime Collections (excepting the trunks) for $250–300.
  • The "Classic Collection" consisted of the doll, outfits and accessories from all six books, associated smaller accessories, the six books, a Welcome to ____'s World Book, and a hairbrush for about $350–400.
  • The "Complete Collection" consisted of the doll; all of her available accessories, furniture, and outfits; a six-book hardback set; and the Skin Care Kit and Hair Care Kit I for about $800–950.

BeForever and Post-Beforever Collections

BeForever Collections are items and accessories that, for the purposes of this Wiki, were made available for characters with the BeForever relaunch and any character collections released initially during the duration.

With the launch of BeForever, all available Historical characters but Caroline and Kaya received new meet outfits and accessories, and each character received at least one new outfit and accessory.[1] For several characters, older items were either retired or rereleased in a new form; for example, Addy's School Outfit and Addy's Lunch Pail were different versions of items in her prior school collection.

Hairstyling Sets were released for every character, though the majority had been released for a brief period prior to the relaunch. [2] Limited Edition Historical Outfits were released for all but Caroline (her archival was later announced), and later new bed and bedding sets and Nightclothes were released for all characters.

Outfits and items continue to be released through the duration of the branding, though not all characters were included in every release. Releases often had a theme across the items.

The following characters and collections were initially only available as part of BeForever:

The following characters and collections were released after BeForever branding was ended:

With the depreciation of BeForever branding, new items were released for Historical characters, including new abridged versions of the Central Series.

Collections by Themed Groups

Meet Collection

Main article: Meet Outfits and Meet Accessories

These sets focused on day-to day wear for a character and were the outfit seen on the cover of the meet book and on a doll when purchased for a matched set. This changed with the 2004 cover changes, since Molly was put into her Halloween Hula Costume; still, all other characters continued to be shown in their meet outfits and this was restored with the covers of the first volumes in BeForever. Meet accessories help round out the character's look and are always offered to be sold at a discounted bundle cost with the doll.

School Collection

Main article: School Collections

School Collections focused on standard methods of education and a uniquely styled "school" outfit; also included were school supplies, school furniture, and lunch food.

Holiday Collection

Main article: Holiday Collections

Holiday Collections focused on holiday celebrations--dominantly Christmas. Outfits were aimed to be a high-class formal outfit of fine fabrics; also included were dolls, and holiday accessories and gifts.

Birthday Collection

Main article: Birthday Collections

Birthday Collections focused on the character celebrating her birthday. Outfits were light and spring-like and sets traditionally included a table and chairs set, gifts, party activities, and presents. A pet of some kind was also included.

Summer Collection

Main article: Summer Collections

Summer Collections focused on outdoor activities, often at new locations. This included lighter clothing, a new set of shoes, and outdoor summer activities.

Winter Collection

Main article: Winter Collections

Winter Collections focused on winter-focused outerwear; this also included indoor activities, carrying travel cases, and historical underwear.

Bedtime Collection

Main article: Bedtime Collections

Bedtime Collections focused on character's sleeping spaces. These included nightclothing, beds, nightstands, and nighttime activities such as books or small toiletry care such as washing up.

Extra Outfits and Accessories

Extra story outfits and accessories originally tied into the main stories, highlighting outfits or extra items that were mentioned in the stories. These often included either a playtime or "work" outfit and another extra outfit that might have only been seen in one or two books (like Kirsten's Swedish Dirndl and Kerchief or Molly's Miss Victory Costume). Extra items included replacement hair ribbons and a set of socks and shoes that could serve as small sets of replacement parts. These were only available for the first six characters. Scenes and Settings were released as backdrops of playscenes for the first five characters.

In 1997, Limited Edition Historical Outfits were released for the five then-available characters; these had no ties to any stories at their release and were as a theme focused on historical outdoor activities.

When Short Stories were released in 1999 and 2003, Historical Characters with stories received outfits tied into them. Kaya did not receive an outfit due to her culture; Felicity and Kit each only received one as Kit was not available in 1999 and Felicity had been regulated to online only in 2003.

The Stories and Outfits Collections were released as "collection" expansions for historical characters available. These came with the American Girl Caddy, the character's birthday outfit and school outfit, and the 2003 short story outfit, with the school and birthday books and the 2003 short story book.[3]

Extra outfits and accessories continued to be released that are not specifically mentioned or tied into the Historical stories. These include the "Rolling Through the Ages" sets for Samantha, Kit, and Molly; the Travel Scrapbooks outfits and accessories for Samantha and Molly; and Historical Swimwear for Samantha, Kit, Molly, and Emily.

List of Historical Collections

Best Friend Characters are listed under their respective Historical Character.


  1. Josefina initially only received a replaced Meet Outfit.
  2. Josefina's was not initially available.
  3. As Kaya did not have a specified school, birthday, or Short Story outfit (and only one short story at the time), she only received two outfits but all of her Central Series minus the Meet book.