Melody's dog, Bo.

Historical Character Pets are animals that are part of the Historical Characters' Historical Collections. Originally, pets and animals were associated only with the Birthday Collections and birthday books; on the first two cover styles, the pet or animal was featured on the cover in some place. Now, this category includes any pets that are part of a Historical's collection.

Originally, each character had a single pet or animal that was mentioned at some point in their birthday stories with the notable exception of Samantha Parkington, who was instead given a stuffed bear (though Jip was part of her birthday story). Later, other characters were given additional pets that were part of their stories in a more prominent manner than the birthday story animal. Several of the pets did not belong solely to the character they are associated with.

List of Dolls' Pets

This list contains all the pets and animals in a character's collection.
Emily Bennett: Yank the Dog


  1. Originally released as "American Girl Horse"
  2. Garnet does not belong to Caroline; she belongs to Lydia Livingston.
  3. The cats are not Kirsten's personal pets.
  4. Sunny does not belong to Addy; he belongs to M'dear.
  5. Jip does not belong to Samantha; he belongs to Cornelia.
  6. The kittens belong to Leonardo Rossi.
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