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Claudie (in her pajamas) with her bed, an example of a Historical Bed.

Historical Beds are furniture, specifically beds, for a Historical Character.

Beds were initially part of a Bedtime Collection. They are large enough to hold at least one doll in sleep postion and originally came with no bedding such as quilts or covers as these were sold separately as Historical Bedding if available.[1] Later the bedding was bundled with the beds, and prices were raised accordingly.

Kaya did not receive a physical bed, as Nimipuu did not have frame-style bed structures.

Nearly all beds are purchased flat packed and must be assembled in some part after purchase.

Beds for Historical Characters[]

Retired sets are in italics.


  1. The exceptions were Felicity Merriman, who had hers bundled with her bed, and Kirsten Larson who was not given a set.
  2. Elizabeth's Bedding was also available with the bed frame.
  3. The bed was initially not marketed for Marie-Grace Gardner.