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Hendrick Frosbythe is the great-uncle of Kit Kittredge.


Hendrick is Margaret's uncle; the family refers to him as Uncle Kendrick. Margaret's mother (who is deceased) was his sister, though it is not specified if she was the older or younger sister.

He often calls upon Kit's mother for personal care, though he never misses a chance to be critical of Kit's parents, especially Jack, and feels that Margaret married below her status. Uncle Hendrick disapproves of the way the Kittredge family handles money, being especially critical of Jack Kittredge and Margaret's lesser class level.

Uncle Hendrick is wealthy but is a miser and skinflint, who doesn't believe in giving money away or helping others who are struggling, instead thinking people must earn money even when it is clear there are few ways to do so. He shows no compassionate to those who have lost their jobs and homes; for example, he is against the Covington hospital being turned into a homeless shelter. Uncle Hendrick also is against FDR, whom he calls "that man in the White House", and feels that FDR is milking taxpayers' money to fund his useless and handout programs. He's exceptionally selfish; when the Kittridges end up behind on the mortgage, he refuses to help and tells Margaret that he won't give them any money, rather deciding that they can move in with him once they lose the house. He considers the family's investment in the car dealership and and their purchase of the house throwing away money and often says he won't "throw good money after bad." He does however, say he doesn't care who does a job as long as it's done to his satisfaction, allowing Kit ti make money by doing his errands.

Kit describes Uncle Hendrick as a sourpuss and Kit and Ruthie claim him to be the ogre of Cincinnati. Uncle Hendrick always greets Kit with sharp brainteasers which leave her feeling flustered and fumbled, and she always feels foolish around him. He is a stickler for time.

Even though Kit finds Uncle Hendrick to be crabby, cranky, and cantankerous, she admits that Uncle Hendrick taught her how to properly write to the newspaper through all of the letters he had Kit write when he was injured. Kit also admires the way Uncle Hendrick puts words together.

He has a black Scottish terrier named Inky who is just as cranky as him and barks extremely loud.

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He is played by Kenneth Walsh.


  1. Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit, pg. 132: "Ha!" scoffs the woman. "I've been Hendrick Frosbythe's neighbor for thirty years..."