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The Hearts Doll Apron and Mitt.

The Hearts Doll Apron and Mitt is an American Girl item made in partnership with Williams-Sonoma, and it was released in 2018 and retired the same year. Retail cost was $19.95.


White apron with dark red trim at neck and waist and ruffled hem at bottom. Apron is mostly a white print with rows of hearts in purple, dark red, pink, and light blue. AG initials and star embroidered on torso. Red bow attached on left side of waist. Blue heart-shaped pocket on right side. Ties at neck and waist are velcro.


White oven mitt with fabric matching apron. Red trim on end and red fabric on other side. AG logo and star embroidered on front.

Dress Like Your Doll

Matching sets for children and adults were also available.

Matching apron for adults.

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