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The Heart-Print PJ's and Backpack as seen on Just Like You 14.

The Heart-Print PJ's and Backpack is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2003, then modified and retired in 2004. Retail cost was $24.


Two piece pajamas. Top has pale pink underlayer with short sleeves and dark pink overlayer resembling a tanktop with spaghetti straps. Front neckline of overlayer is studded with evenly spaced silver rhinestones. Edges of sleeves and hems of both layers are finished with dark pink "lettuce" ruffling (a technique in which the edge of a knit fabric is stretched by a narrow overlock stitch to form a ruffled effect). White heart graphic on center front of overlayer. Pants are calf-length with elastic waist, in a print of small outline hearts in two shades of pink on a dark pink ground. Pale pink piping trim above hems.


The Heart Print PJ's without the backpack and wings.


Dark pink open-toed slide-on slippers. Sole of light pink foam lined with pajama pants print and. Pale pink embroidered heart on outside of foot. Fluffy white trim over foot.

Ponytail Holders[]

Two light pink hair ties. Displayed as holding doll's hair in double ponytails.


Simple pale pink backpack. Heart shaped.


Fluffy white "angel" wings. Edge trim matches that on the slippers. Attaches to the backpack.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The children's outfit was available:

  • Pajamas: $42
  • Slippers: $18
HeartPrintPJs girls


FeatherTrimSlippers girls



  • In 2004, the backpack and wings were removed and the price was lowered to $18.
  • A coordinating set was released for Coconut as Coconut's Cupid Accessories.