HearingAid JLY27

A hearing aid in the left ear of an American Girl Doll.

Hearing Aids are a modification offered directly through American Girl which allows a doll to have semi-permanent hearing aids attached.

As of 2012, any 18" doll can have hearing aids placed in a doll's ears. Hearing Aids can be applied to the left, right, or both ears for a standard fee of $14; there is no additional fee for two ears if they are done at the same time. Hearing aids can be added at an online purchase on any Truly Me doll; any other dolls such as Girls of the Year or Historical/BeForever girls must either be ordered by calling in or be shipped to American Girl directly and have the hearing aids applied via the American Girl Hospital. At a store, hearing aids can be applied at purchase and will be done at the Salon.

Hearing aids were not available for Bitty Baby or Bitty Twins, presumably due to to the lower target age of three; they are also not available for WellieWishers due to being improperly sized.

The parts of the hearing aids consist of a molded hearing aid (pink and white) with a hole for the post, and a pink post to hold the hearing aid in place. The post is the size of a standard American Girl earring.

A hole is drilled slightly below and behind the ear; this is where the post is slid through the hearing aid and holds the hearing aid to the doll's ear. The resulting hole is sized for American Girl earring posts. Holes are drilled with a Dremel (power tool) and are thus permanent.

Included with hearing aids is a pamphlet on sign language, including the finger-spelling alphabet.

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