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Hawkins is the butler at Samantha Parkington's home in Mount Bedford.

Personality and Facts[]

Hawkins is the butler and thus the head of the staff at Samantha's Mount Bedford home and married to Mrs. Hawkins. He is very proper in his task, but does allows Samantha to help with his chores when she pops up to talk; he puts her to help with his tasks as they talk such as waxing furniture, carpet beating, silver polishing, and washing windows; he feels it is easier to talk when the hands are busy. He tends roses, which Samantha avoids disturbing.

Samantha speaks to him the same way she does Jessie and Mrs. Hawkins, as a confidant as she is an only child in a large house.

In The Books[]

Meet Samantha: An American Girl[]

Hawkins is first seen announcing the arrival of Gardner Edwards and Cornelia Pitt as they arrive after driving up in an automobile; to Sam, she thinks that the more confusing things are, the more dignified he looks.

When Jessie leaves she is told to go to Hawkins for a departing bonus. He is later seen polishing silver in the butlers' pantry and whistling; he pulls out a chair and has Samantha begin to polish silverware while she talks. When asked about Jessie's departure and why no one will tell Samantha what happened, Hawkins smiles with an understanding look in his eyes but then says that Jessie is fine and Samantha should just trust what is going on. Samantha, tired of not getting answers, leaves.

Samantha's Surprise: A Christmas Story[]

Happy Birthday, Samantha!: A Springtime Story[]

Hawkins's rose bush is the source of the roses that Agnes and Agatha got for Samantha as a birthday present.

At first, Samantha fears that Hawkins would be angry at the removal of his roses, but he doesn't mind. He lets Eddie Ryland assist with making the ice cream for the birthday party, and lets him see the ice cream before the birthday party--giving him time to ruin it.

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha[]

Samantha: The Gift[]