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Happy Birthday, Kit! is the fourth book in the Kit series.



Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Secrets and Surprises[]

Chapter Two: The Waste-Not, Want-Not Almanac[]

Chapter Three: Grace[]

Chapter Four: Penny-Pincher Party[]

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1934[]

Discusses childhood during the Great Depression. Topics covered:

  • How childbirth was handled at homes and hospitals, and options parents were offered if they could not pay for the delivery.
  • Consequences the Great Depression had on family planning, resulting with families having fewer children and fewer marriages for young couples.
  • Men who abandoned their families due to work that took them far from home, shame, or to allow their families to receive help from the government.
  • The duties children might have undertaken to support their families, with girls tackling household chores while boys worked odd jobs.
  • Ways people found to save money for household needs, such as planting vegetable gardens in their backyards.
  • Rural families that fared better during the Great Depression compared to urban families, mainly because they could grow more of their own food.
  • Ways people recycled durable goods during the Depression, such as re-using old clothing or using feed sacks to make new clothes.
  • Consequences the Great Depression had on human health due to hunger and malnutrition, and the rising threat of polio during the 1930s.
  • The policies and programs President Roosevelt implemented to help bring America out of the Great Depression.
  • How people entertained themselves without spending money, such as visiting libraries or listening to President Roosevelt's fireside chats on the radio.

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