Happy Birthday, Josefina! is the fourth book in the Josefina series.



Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Spring Sprouts

Josefina is thinking of the many reasons she loves the spring. One being that there are surprises to share everywhere. Josefina herself as a surprise to share, so she swing open the door to the weaving room and calls for her Tia Dolores to come with her as she has something wonderful to show her. Upon seeing that her father is in the room as well, Josefina immediately apologizes to him for interrupting. But her father cheerfully tells her that it is all right and he would like to see something wonderful, too. He asks Dolores if the counting can wait; Dolores agrees that it can.

They follow Josefina to the backyard, where she lifts a handful of dead leaves to reveal to small sprouts underneath them. She continues to lift leaves and there are sprouts under all of them.

Chapter Two: Tía Magdalena

Chapter Three: Second Chances

Chapter Four: Rattlesnake

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1824

Discusses childhood in New Mexico. Topics include:

  • The role a pandera played during childbirth
  • The role of curanderas and their knowledge about plants
  • The role of godparents and how they were chosen
  • How children were given their name
  • How children celebrate their saint's day
  • Children's role in every day work
  • The games and activities New Mexican children played
  • A child's First Holy Communion
  • Proposal and marriages in New Mexico

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