Happy Birthday, Felicity! is the fourth book in the Felicity series. With her BeForever rerelease, it is now part of A Stand for Independence.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Springtime Promises

Chapter Two: Posie

Chapter Three: Grandmother's Guitar

Chapter Four: Drumbeats

Chapter Five: The Long, Dark Night

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1774

Discusses childhood during colonial times. Topics covered:

  • Families having eight or more children, though several of the children would have died before they were six years old.
  • The lack of awareness regarding proper nutrition and hygiene, leading to many children to die from diseases.
  • Childbirth being handled by midwives, with some mothers resting up to a month while slave women and other working women not being able to rest as long.
  • Parents having their babies christened a few days after their birth, with the ceremonies often including feasting and dancing.
  • The types of clothing young children wore, with both boys and girls wearing frocks and some wearing stays underneath their clothes.
  • Changes in clothing styles for children as they grew up, with girls dressing more alike their mothers while boys were breeched and began to stop wearing frocks and stays.
  • The games and toys children would play, such as charades or singing games, going for walks or horseback rides, playing musical instruments and reading aloud.
  • How a teenager's years were spent according to their family's position in the community, with poorer children working long hours easy day while wealthier boys were either schooled or apprenticed, and wealthier girls improving their housewifery skills.
  • Boys reaching the age of 16 being required to begin practicing with the militia, and boys between the ages of 12 to 16 beign able to serve as drummers or fifers.
  • The Raid of Williamsburg's Magazine, an event which angered patriots and would help lead to the Revolutionary War.

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