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Hallmark (full name Hallmark Cards, Inc.) is the oldest and largest manufacturer of greeting cards that was founded in 1910. Along with greeting cards and ownership of the Hallmark Channel, the company manufactures things such as party goods, gift wrap, stationery, ornaments, and gift products (toys, snow globes, picture frames, etc.).

From 2001 until 2005, Hallmark and American Girl collaborated to release various products, many of which focused on and featured the then-currently available Historical Characters.


Both the Central Series (books 1-3) and Short Stories were made available; both have Hallmark markings and the short stories also have ribbon bookmark inserts. Central Series books come packaged in a dark red slipcover with the character's portrait and are subtitled A Collection of Stories.


Ornaments were released for all the characters available at the time.[1]

Three series were released, each based on a main series book. They were Gold Crown exclusive ornaments and were only sold at Hallmark stores with the Gold Crown designation. Retail cost was $15.

Additional miniature ornaments based on Kit's collection, Kit's Treasures, were released in 2002. These consisted of:


Figurines of all eight Historical Characters. Each is designed to resemble the characters as they appear on the second edition covers of the Meet Books.


A set of nine magnets that included character portraits; they are wearing their Birthday Outfits. The center one is empty to encourage the purchaser to place their own portrait into the set.


Snowglobes based on five of the historical characters, released in 2003. The base is a winter or holiday scene, with the character's name and year in an era-appropriate plaque style. Inside, the character is wearing a winter- or holiday-appropriate outfit.[3] All but Kaya's have a functional music box in the base that plays a unique song appropriate to the character's era.

  • Kaya: 1764 First Snow. Kaya is wearing her meet outfit and is standing with Sparks Flying. Plaque is rectangle with colored triangles at corners. Trim of base has geometric art patterns in yellow, red, and blue. Base shows winter landscape with Steps High, Sparks Flying, and Tatlo. Globe does not play music, though the music box components are often present.
  • Kirsten: 1854 Minnesota. Kirsten is wearing her Winter Skirt and Blouse and Knit Woolens as well as a woven backpack, and has the baby raccoon on her shoulder. Plaque is scrolled paper. White trimmed base with frontier winter scene. Music box plays Santa Lucia.
  • Samantha: 1904 Central Park. Samantha is wearing a unique styled winter coat and hat with ice skates. Plaque is red outlined oval with ribbon banner superimposed over. Red trimmed base with scene of turn-of-the-century ice skating scene (Central Park). Music box plays Skater's Waltz.
  • Kit: Christmas 1934. Kit is wearing her Christmas Outfit, has her Aviator Doll in her arms, and has Inky on a leash next to her. Plaque is shield style. Brown trimmed base with trimmed fireplace mantle and scene from Kit's Surprise where Kit is giving Mother the money for the electricity. Music box plays Jingle Bells.
  • Molly: Christmas 1944. Molly is in her pajamas and standing with a Christmas tree with an American Flag at the top and gifts at the base. Plaque is a wreath with a red bow, flanked by American flags. Blue trimmed base (only at bottom; top is snow-trimmed). Base has holiday garlands with candy canes over wallpaper-styled background. Music box plays Silent Night.

Charms and Charm Bracelet

Silver linked charm bracelet. Charms for each character and her associated favorite animal were sold separately.

Story Boxes

Story boxes or Mini Worlds are book shaped playsets. They contain the character (in her meet outfit), a backdrop for play, reusable stickers, seven various accessories including a pet, and stands for support.


Resin molded bookends were released in 2002(?). Retail cost was $30. They were later sold at Hallmark for $15 on clearance.

Poses are based on the read poster images for the first six characters; Samantha is pictured in her Play Dress and Pinafore rather than her meet dress as on the poster and had both legs down rather than one tucked up. Kit's pose is based on an illustration from Kit's Surprise, and as Kaya does not read traditionally, she is instead shown doing a craft.

Bookends were sold individually rather than in pairs. Measure approximately 5" x 5" x 7".


Fabric bookmarks are made with a print of an outfit the character wears from her collection and have a quote on the front (focused on reading or stories) covered in sheer tulle and a small character charm at the end.


Purses based on some of the character's purses:

  • Kaya's Purse and Notecards
  • Josefina's Leather Purse and Notecards
  • Kit's Purse and Notecards


Framed images of Historical Characters, with borders resembling the portrait borders for characters. These hold 2" x 3" photos.

An additional Samantha and Nellie photo frame was released, resembling an illustration from Samantha Learns a Lesson.

Cards and Stationery Sets

Various Stationery sets and cards were released based on individual characters, including thank you cards.

  • Stationery Box Set
  • Deluxe Notecard Sets (Character Sets): Six Note Cards (Three each of Two Designs); Six Envelopes, Six Sticker Steals, Portfolio
  • Deluxe Stationery Set
  • Kirsten's Sewing Postalettes
  • Thank You Notecards
  • Mini Notecards
  • Friendship Cards
  • Notes from the Heart: sixteen card stationery sets in heart shaped tins; each of the eight characters have two cards with a message inside about friendship.


Stickers for the Historical Characters were released in 2001. There have four sheets in each package; the stickers featured each character in her meet book pose, their initial and illustrated items based on their stories.

Party Supplies and Favors

Various party supplies were available:

  • Historical Character Tissue Paper
  • Historical Character Gift Bags
  • Historical Character Treat Boxes
  • Historical Character Foil Helium Party Balloon
  • Historical Character Tablecloth
  • Historical Character Cups
  • Historical Character Paper Plates (large and small)
  • Historical Character Invitations
  • Historical Character Napkin Wraps

Hallmark Books and School Supplies

  • The American Girls My Reading Diary
  • Memories of an American Girl Scrapbook
  • Historical Character Friendship Book
  • Historical Character Address Book
  • Historical Character Snapshot Album
  • The American Girls Locking Diary
  • Historical Character Binder
  • Historical Character Pencil Pouch
  • Hallmark American Girl Writing Pen

Activity and Craft Sets


Various miscellaneous gift products were released.

  • Addy's Porcelain Band Box
  • Samantha's Purse Bank
  • Samantha's Tea Set
  • Molly's Hot Chocolate Mugs
  • Historical Character Musical Jewelry Box
  • Historical Character Wooden Chest Jewelry Box
  • Historical Character Round Cookie Tin
  • Historical Character Keepsake Box
  • Historical Character Portrait Bracelet
  • Historical Character Portrait Charm Necklaces
  • Historical Character Disposable Camera
  • Historical Character Gift Tags

2003 Circle of Smiles Summer Activity

In the summer of 2003, a series of activities were available. Participants who signed up in their local Hallmark Store were given a pamphlet with the eight available Historical Characters that had games and activities listed. Once the activities for a particular character were completed, the participant would take the booklet back to Hallmark and receive a a metal backed portrait pin with the Historical Character on it.

Once all eight activities were completed, a circle necklace with all eight characters in their birthday outfits[5] was gifted.

Coconut-Themed Items

Many items for Coconut were also released.

  • Halloween Witch costume
  • Valentines Cape
  • Fourth of July Cape
  • Easter Costume
  • Christmas Hat and Collar
  • Collar and Charm
  • Coconut Cookie Decorating Kit
  • Coconut Wrist Watch
  • Coconut Night Light
  • Coconut Charm Bracelet
  • Coconut Puzzle
  • Coconut Mini Photo Album
  • Coconut CD Case
  • Coconut Zip Storage Case
  • Coconut Photo Frame
  • Coconut Jewelry Dish
  • Coconut Mini Notepads
  • Coconut Stamp Pad
  • Coconut's Letter Writing Kit



  1. Since Kaya was not given specific Holiday or birthday outfits, she is shown either in her meet outfit or Adorned Deerskin Dress.
  2. Kristen is in her Winter Skirt and Blouse and Knit Woolens.
  3. Molly is the exception; see description.
  4. The bookmark erroneously calls the book Kaya Learns a Lesson.
  5. Since Kaya was not given a specific birthday outfits, she is again shown in her Adorned Deerskin Dress.