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Julie with her hairstyling set.

Hairstyling Sets are small Historical Character and BeForever accessories sets, focused on hair styling and/or hair accessories. These were originally released in 2014. Sets generally included one hair decoration--such as a ribbon or hair clip--and often a styling implement.

With the launch of BeForever, most sets only changed the package design; however, the focus was predominantly aligned to match Meet Outfits whereas previously focuses varied.[1] This led to color changes in Addy's and Rebecca's sets, which is noted on the article pages; no one else needed major changes.

All of these sets have since been retired, though Julie's set was integrated into her bathroom set.

List of Sets[]


  1. Exceptions include Kaya's which matches her Second Pow-Wow Dress; Caroline's which was generally shown with her party gown, Maryellen's, which matches her pajamas, and Melody's which matches her floral dress.