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Hairdo Helper Hardware Kit with black plastic case and colorful accessories

The Hairdo Helper Hardware Kit.

The Hairdo Helper Hardware Kit I (also known as the Hairdo Helper Kit) is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 1996 and retired in 2001. Retail cost was $12.

Carrying Case[]

Black plastic carrying case with American Girl of Today girl logo pattern in yellow, pink, blue, and green. Has black carry handles on both ends and plastic for pouch inside. Holds all accessories included.

Hair Elastics[]

Eight chenille knit hair elastics. These include two pink, two blue, two yellow, and two rainbow.


Six plastic bendable hair rollers in blue, yellow, red, purple, and green.


Three butterfly clips in pink, red, and green.

Sparkle Barrettes[]

Two sparkly barrettes. These include a pink translucent plastic bow and a green translucent flower.

Piggy Flip[]

Yellow plastic ponytail flip hair accessory.


Plastic curved flexible hair tool for use with variant ponytail hairstyles.

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