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Hair Care Kit I.

Hair Care Kit I is a American Girl accessory set released in 1993 and retired in 2002. Retail cost was $12.


Pink half circle cape. White flower pattern. Pleasant Company logo in maroon on left side front; this changed to the American Girl logo later. White neck ties.

Spray Bottle[]

Clear pump-action hair misting bottle. Maroon square on front of bottle with "American Curls Hairdew" written in center. A zigzag bubble on the side has "Just Mist It!" written inside.


Maroon hairbrush. This was originally a maroon plastic brush with the Pleasant Company logo.

Curl Rods[]

Twelve pink plastic curl rods.

Curl Papers[]

Pack of curling end papers. White with maroon text packaging. Text reads "American Curls;" "Curls" is in a cursive script.


Instructions on rolling and setting doll's hair. Pamphlet is titled "How to Make American Curls."


  • When complete collections were available for a Historical Collection, this was included as part of the collection.
  • When this was sold in stores, it was in a clear plastic package with a label showing the stock photo and the item's contents.

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