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Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set.

Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set is part of Grace's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2015. The retail cost was $22.

Ribbon Bow Clip[]

Barrette bow clip. Bow is made of black and white striped ribbon with decorative white stitching on edges.

Bow Clip[]

Barrette bow clip made of doll hair similar to Grace's medium brown shade. Is meant to imitate a "bow bun" hairstyle.


Plain black headband.

Bobby Pins[]

Two black and two hot pink bobby pins.

Hair Elastics[]

Six hair elastics; two hot pink, two black, and two brown.

Sweet Hairstyle Set[]


Sweet Hairstyle Set (minus silver band)

The set was later sold as part of the Truly Me collection as the Sweet Hairstyle Set; this set did not include the hair bow clip and replaced it with a silver flower headband.