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Grace's Pastry Cart.

Grace's Pastry Cart is part of Grace's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2015. The retail cost was $150.

Pastry Cart[]

Light gray three-wheeled cart. Front wheels are large with heart-shaped scrollwork. Back wheel is smaller and centered under cart. Cart body has two shelves with faux marble texture, held by light gray and black scrollwork. Front of cart has a clear quarter-cylinder display case for baguettes, about a third of the way between the upper and lower shelves. Fancy frame on right (if facing the front of the cart) side of upper shelf. At top of frame is red scrollwork holding a white "La Petite Patisserie" sign. Red push handle on back of cart.

Raspberry Tart[]

Raspberry tartelette filled with pink cream and topped with raspberries. Berries are paler pink on top to give the effect of sprinkled sugar.

Chocolate Tart[]

Chocolate tartelette filled with dark chocolate cream and garnished with a raspberry.

Tart Boxes[]

Two cardstock boxes for tartelettes. Boxes are red with black dots and white hearts print. Clear plastic window on top.


Two cupcakes with white flower-shaped frosting. One cupcake is light brown ("vanilla") and the other is dark brown ("chocolate").

Cupcake Box[]

Square cupcake box with clear plastic top. Red cardstock bottom shaped to fit around cupcake. Black ribbon and bow decorating top.


Two stacks of macarons. Each stack has half aqua blue and half dark magenta macarons. Macarons are fused together.

Macaron box[]

White Cake[]

Tall round cake with "quilted" white frosting. Small "pearl" sprinkles at regular intervals over sides of cake. Pink, light blue, and white trim around bottom edge. Pink and white frosting bow on top of cake.

Cake box[]


Two "baguettes" (French bread loaves).


Two paper sleeves for the baguettes. Sleeves are white with blank light blue logo stripes for sticker placement.

Strawberry pastry[]

Chocolate pastry[]


Light blue framed "chalkboard" menu. "Menu" written in white all-caps at top. White "American Girl" logo at bottom. Frame has a hook to hang from top of cart.

Menu Stickers[]

Sheet of black stickers with treat names, numbers, dollar signs, and ampersands written in white script.


Light blue platter with fancy molded edge trim. Light gray pedestal attached. Can stack on the cake plate to create a two-tier display stand.

Cake Plate[]

Light blue platter with fancy molded edge trim. Light gray pedestal attached. (Pedestal is larger than the one on the stand.) Clear plastic cake dome that fits over cake plate.


Two silver scalloped-edge doilies. Reverse side has same red, black and white print as the pastry boxes.

Sales Pouch[]

Light blue cloth pouch with decorative black topstitching. Two pockets. Straps to fit over back of pastry cart. "Grace Thomas" logo in red and black in bottom right corner.

Business Cards[]

Stack of four business cards for "La Petite Patisserie". Cards are pink with black and white polka-dot edges.


Pale pink booklet with black edge trim. Light blue "La Petite Patisserie" logo at top of front cover. "Clients and Sales" written underneath logo in black script.


Small light blue bell. Hooks onto top of pastry cart frame.


Five one-dollar bills.

Pastry Box Stickers[]

Sheet of light blue stickers. "La Petite Patisserie" logo stickers and pink heart stickers for decorating pastry boxes.