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Good Job, Kanani is the second book about Kanani Akina.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Welcome to Akina's

Chapter Two: Ambition

Chapter Three: Surf's Up

Chapter Four: Jinxed

Chapter Five: Trouble at the Cove

Chapter Six: Unexpected Help

Chapter Seven: Aloha Spirit

Chapter Eight: Tutu Lani's Honu

Chapter Nine: The Festival

Chapter Ten: Reunion

Chapter Eleven: Best Friends

Glossary of Hawaiian Words

Real Girls Who Help Others

Girls Featured

  • Francesca L., a girl from Florida, that took pictures of people at her local homeless shelter so that, as she puts it, "they could show their photos to their grandchildren someday."
  • Haley T., a Georgia girl, who learned about organizations and programs that collected human hair to make wigs, so she grew a foot of hair in a year and four months, and had it snipped off and donated.
  • Andrea F., a Canadian girl who sewed beanbags for kids at a children's hospital, and on her birthday, asked her family and friends to donate to an orphanage she visited outside of Cape Town, South Africa instead of buying her gifts.
  • Lindsey M., a Colorado girl, who donated 40 "blizzard boxes" of food for the elderly and disabled for them during snowstorms.
  • Ellen B., a girl from North Carolina, who raised money for her school custodian and his wife to `achieve the custodian's dream of visiting San Francisco, California's Golden Gate Bridge. 
  • Emily L., a Virginian, who collected shoes so girls in Ethiopia could run and go to school.

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