The Go With the Flow Outfit as seen on Just Like You 61.

The Go With the Flow Outfit is an AG Rewards-exclusive Truly Me outfit released in 2017 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $28.

The outfit could only be purchased by those with an AG Rewards account. It was later available for general purchase.


Loose fitting light teal tank top with sweetheart neckline. Light purple fabric around neckline with pleats extending from center of shirt. Light teal spaghetti straps. Dark purple metallic graphic on right side of shirt with peace sign and stars. Shirt attaches in back with velcro.


Dark teal leggings with light blue pattern of flowers and circles. Leggings end at mid-calf.


Dark purple plastic slip-on sandals. Dark purple band over toes with two light blue stripes. Light blue American Girl logo on soles.


Dark purple elastic headband.


  • This was offered as a Berry-Level Annual Reward in 2017.
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