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Glitter Guitar

The Glitter Guitar is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2003 and retired in 2004. Retail cost was $26.


Light silver shimmery plastic guitar. Translucent silver piece decorates body of the guitar. "American Girl" is printed in blue font along top of head; font matches the design on the case. Saddle has blue base and decorative clear plastic pieces that rest over the real metal strings. Bridge is blue with molded rose design. Edge of guitar has three buttons on each side in colorful gemstone designs. Left buttons are round and right buttons are oval. Left buttons include volume, on/off, and stop. Right buttons include Demo 1, Demo 2, and Demo 3. Each demo is about 35 seconds long. Two or more strings can be pressed at a time to play chords.

Neck of guitar has silver sparkly sticker where frets would be. Blue plastic pieces support the six metal strings and create faux tuning keys.

Requires 2 AA batteries. Battery compartment on back of guitar with screw.


Blue plastic translucent guitar strap. Strap attaches to knob by fret with small metal piece. Attaches to bottom of guitar with a larger silver plastic piece that is easier to take on and off to put it on a doll. Strap has silver flower and petal designs printed on one side.


Blue shimmery textured guitar case. Case has white vinyl stitched around edges. White vinyl is also used for handles on either side of the case. Front of case has "American Girl" embroidered in dark blue stitching with a flower and vine design. Matching blue zipper. Silver rose zipper pull.

Instruction Manual[]

White folded instruction sheet. Has information for function of device.


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