Glassware and Linens.

The Glassware and Linens (also known as Kit's Glassware and Linens, Kit's Party Set, and Kit's Birthday Set) was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2001, modified in 2011 and 2015, and retired in 2016. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Kit!. Retail cost was originally $58 and was later increased to $68.


White square cotton tablecloth. Strawberry images in corners in green double squares; double lines with salmon flower outlines inside and mint dots outside.


Two white square cotton napkins. Salmon outlined flowers with mint-colored leaves in each corner.


Two pink Depression glass plates. Concentric circles.

Glass Tumblers

Two pink Depression glass tumblers. Etched lines.

Sherbet Cups

Two pink Depression glass sherbet cups. Etched lines.


Pink Depression glass pitcher. Etched lines.


Molded lemon sherbet with wedges and mint sprig. Fit in sherbet cups.


A close up of the Oneida "Lady Hamilton" pattern on one of the spoons.

Two butter knives. "Lady Hamilton" flatware pattern authentic to 1932. These were removed in 2015.


Two forks. "Lady Hamilton" flatware pattern authentic to 1932.


Two spoons. "Lady Hamilton" flatware pattern authentic to 1932.


Yellow porcelain vase.


Bouquet of multicolored cloth flowers.


  • When Kit's Party Treats was retired in 2011, the cake slices were added to the Glassware and Linens and sold as Kit's Party Set. It became Kit's Birthday Set when the knives were removed.
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