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The Garden Theater Stage.

The Garden Theater Stage is a WellieWishers furniture set released in 2016 and retired in 2020. Retail cost was $90.


Green plastic trellis measuring 20.25" high. Brown latticed sides and brown plastic stage. Faux wood sticker on stage.

Theater Sign[]

Brown plastic sign reading "Theater." Sign is designed to look like it is on a plank of wood.

Garden Theater Stage set 1

Garden Theater Stage background with day scene.

Garden Theater Stage set 2

Garden Theater Stage background with night scene.


Four dark green plastic vines. These are advertised as coming from Aunt Miranda's garden. Two vines come tied on top of the theater and two vines come tied on top of the mason jars. They can be removed and rearranged.


Two pink curtains with light pink floral pattern. Curtains can be pulled back with rope ties on the sides of the trellis.


Six plastic clothespins to hold up curtain on rope. Clothespins are painted purple, green, light pink, magenta, yellow, and blue


Brown rope on trellis to hang curtains.


Reversible backdrop with scenes for night and day. A wooden dowel slides through the top of the backdrop and hooks into the back of the stage. Day scene has bright blue sky, grass, and white birch trees. This includes flowers, birds, and vines. Night scene has same trees, flowers, and vines, as well as an owl, moon, and lightning bugs.

Mason Jar Lights[]

Two lights designed to look like mason jar candle lights. Silver lids and handles. Lights can hang from trellis. Lights take button cell batteries.

Garden Theater Stage props side 1

Garden Theater Stage props with day scene.

Garden Theater Stage props side 2

Garden Theater Stage props with night scene.

Prop Tree[]

One reversible cardboard prop tree. Day scene is a trunk with light green leaves and birds sitting on branches. Night scene is dark brown trunk, dark green leaves, blue flowers, and two owls. Connects to brown triangle cardboard piece underneath so tree can stand up.

Prop Fence[]

One reversible cardboard prop fence. Day scene is a bright white fence with dragonflies. Night scene is a white picket fence with roses climbing up it. Connects to white triangle cardboard piece underneath so the fence stands up.

Prop Bushes[]

Three reversible cardboard prop bushes. The largest bush has a day scene with a green bush, white flowers, and a fox. Its night scene is dark green and has squirrel silhouettes, dragonflies, and fireflies. Connects to large green triangle cardboard piece underneath so it can stand up. Second bush is smaller and its day scene has mushrooms; night side has same mushrooms with a rabbit silhouette. Third bush is small and its day scene is flowers; night scene has flowers as well as fireflies. Two smaller bushes connect to small green triangle cardboard pieces underneath.

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