Gabriela: Time for Change is the third book about Gabriela McBride.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Voices

Chapter Two: A Perfect Pair

Chapter Three: Double Whammy

Chapter Four: That's the Pointe

Chapter Five: The Enchilada Court

Chapter Six: Duets

Chapter Seven: Pointe Shoes Day

Chapter Eight: Liberty Bells Battle

Chapter Nine: Unprepared

Chapter Ten: Friends

Chapter Eleven: Keep Doing What You're Doing

Chapter Twelve: Trick or Treat

Chapter Thirteen: Cooling Off

Chapter Fourteen: Missing in Action

Chapter Fifteen: Truth

Chapter Sixteen: Letting Go

Chapter Seventeen: To Infinity

Chapter Eighteen: The Royal Dinner

Chapter Nineteen: Good-Bye For Now

Chapter Twenty: Voices

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  1. pg. 2 "Yesterday afternoon at our Friday meeting..." and "Just a couple days ago, I won the election to be a Kelly Middle School ambassador...". Gabriela Speaks Out's cover clarifies that the election is on October 5th, so the Saturday after October 5th is October 7, 2017.
  2. pg. 2 "but there would be another (spoken word competition) for middle school kids in five weeks..." Five weeks from October 7 is November 11.
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