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Gabriela's Accessories.

Gabriela's Accessories are part of Gabriela's Collection. They were released in 2017 and, like her, were retired at the end of 2018. The retail cost was $28.


Boombox styled tote bag. Pink body. Teal piping trim. Multicolored (bright pinks, purples, yellows, teals, etc) cassette boombox graphic on sides. Side pockets of dark magenta with elastic stretch trim. Magenta woven strap. Teal zipper closure with silver pull (and star icon) and slider.

Water Bottle[]

Light teal water bottle. Grey lid with molded handle and straw. Yellow line-hatch heart icon and American Girl logo on sides. Bottle does not open.

Trail Mix[]

Package of trail mix. Pink bag (sealed) with yellow stripe and trim around clear window. Text reads American Girl Energy Mix: Sweet and Salty. Blue star logo with 10 grams protein. Window shows molded plastic "mix" of nuts, raisins, dried fruit, etc.

Back warns against eating in white text (English, French, Spanish)


Green apple with brown stem. (The apple is shaped like a Red Delicious but painted green.)

Hair Pins[]

Ten brown metal hair pins.


Eight ponytail holders: four teal, four magenta.

Bandage Stickers[]

Paper of four adhesive bandage stickers: wave/sky, pink/aqua/magenta, multicolored swirls, and purple with linehatch lines.