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The Fun and Games Sleepover Set.

The Fun and Games Sleepover Set was a Truly Me accessory released in 2017 and retired in 2018. Retail value was $34.


Two invitations shaped like sleep masks. On the front, they are magenta and have a pink polka dot pattern with "Dream" in rainbow letters. On the back, they have a white background with light pink edging and "Slumber Party" written at the top. Three lines follow for "To," "When," and "Where." Blue ribbon. Invitations fit on doll heads to double as actual sleep masks.


Light pink envelopes with white border. Flap to close has white stripes and polka dots and a magenta AG star logo. Envelopes hold invitations.


Pink plastic tray with blue and white chevron pattern.


Two sets of cookies. Each set has three plastic M&M cookies connected together.


Two light pink cloth napkins with white polka dots.

Pink Plates[]

Magenta plastic plates with white trim around edge.

Milk Glasses[]

Two faux plastic glasses with clear white "milk" inside. Blue and white striped straw molded in glass.

Cookie Jar[]

Clear plastic jar. Sticker on side reads "Slumber Party."

Sliced Apples[]

Two sets of apple slices. Each set has three red skin apple slices.

Apple Dip[]

Magenta plastic bowl that matches plates. Plastic peanut butter in bowl with apple slice sticking out.

White Plate[]

White plastic plate.

Card Game[]

Uno card game with case. Miniature cards with red and gray plastic case for storage.

Game Sheets[]

Three paper sheets with sleepover game ideas.

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