The Frosty Fun Snowboard Set.

The Frosty Fun Snowboard Set (also known as the Frosty Fun Snowboard and Helmet Set) is a WellieWishers accessory released in 2020. It is paired with the Frosty Fun Outfit. Retail cost is $24.


Printed snowboard. Top of snowboard has blue and white polka dot design, floral design on white background, and colorful stripes, along with the WellieWishers logo. Pink foot rests with a green strap for the left foot and a blue strap for the right foot. Bottom of snowboard is light blue with white stripe and WellieWishers logo in white.


Pink helmet with attached decorations to create owl's face. Yellow beak and darker pink accents. White and brown printed eyes. Light blue strap.


Blue snow goggles with pink tinted lenses. Green elastic strap.

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