The Friendship Quilt and Quilt Kit.

The Friendship Quilt and Quilt Kit (also known as Kirsten's Quilt and Kit) was originally introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1987 and modified to include the quilt kit in 2005(?). The set was retired in 2009 with Kirsten's archival. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Kirsten! Retail cost was $22.


Square patch quilt of variant fabrics. Brown knot tying every two squares. Muslin border. Lower edge has black embroidered script: "For Kirsten Larson on her tenth birthday". When sold without the kit, the cost of the Friendship Quilt was $18.

Kit Quilt

Smaller doll-sized quilt matching large quilt fabrics. Four blank muslin center pieces for appliqué and embroidery.


Brown "quilting"/embroidery hoop with screw closure.


Three heart applique patches.


Sewing needle.


Pink embroidery thread.


  • Fabric in the quilt was originally random; now fabrics include multiple fabrics from various historical characters's clothings. Some identifiable ones are:
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