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Freckling on a customized doll.

Freckling is a modification or original pattern, where a doll has freckles added to the skin. Beauty marks/moles are also being listed here.

How to Freckle/Dot a Doll[]

Freckles are generally added with acrylic paint in light dots with a fine paint brush. These can be across the bridge of the nose, over the cheeks, over the entire face, and/or on the arms and legs. Care must be taken to make the freckles look natural in size and tones. If freckles are added to the main body, paint may bleed into the stuffing; thus, fabric paint is a preferred option.

The same method can be used to add single birthmarks or moles.

Dolls from AG with Freckles[]

Several dolls have been released with freckles or beauty marks from American Girl. The dolls are only given freckles across the nose and cheeks. Three different patterns have been used.

Historical Characters and Best Friend Characters[]

Girls of the Year[]

Contemporary Characters[]

World by Us[]

My American Girl/Truly Me[]


Limited Edition[]

Create Your Own[]

The line allows purchasers to add freckles to any doll at design.