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A Frankendoll is a doll noticeably put together or created from other doll parts. The word is a portmanteau of "Frankenstein" and "doll".

Technically, any doll that is customized or modified with American Girl doll parts could be called a Frankendoll; however, this is generally applied to dolls that are meant to resemble other dolls.

As Deception[]

The most notorious, unethical application of frankendolling is taking a modern doll and modifying them or purchasing replacement heads/tools and mix and matching parts to resemble a limited edition or retired doll, in order to sell dolls at higher prices than they would generally command and deceive other collectors and/or purchasers into paying higher costs.

For example, #23, who has freckles, can be rewigged with a secondary-market short dark brown curly wig to resemble Lindsey, or a brown eyed classic mold such as #69 rewigged with a straight streaked blonde wig to resemble Kailey. There has been no report of other limited dolls rewigged such as 28 passed off as Marisol or a 30 passed off as Jess; however, those dolls were initially fairly plentiful for secondhand purchasing and did not command the same high secondhand prices.

Older retired modern dolls may also be simulated, such as using a banged or textured wig to mimic Just Like You 18 or Just Like You 1 or eye swapping grey eyes into a doll such as Just Like You 13 to mimic Just Like You 9, dolls that are harder to find.

For years, American Girl did not require a doll to have a head to be sent in for repairs; this led to unethical collectors sending in limited dolls for repairs claiming head damage, then removing the new head and selling it for profit or placing the heads on new bodies.

As Personal Customs or Repair[]

More ethical types of frankendolls include dolls modified to simulate dolls in a collection that are no longer available directly.

This includes dolls that have been assembled from spare AG Hospital parts and sold at the American Girl Benefit Sale at a discount. The specific vinyl tone on the head of the doll and her limbs may vary in this type of doll; an example is a Kanani doll with the more modern golden skin tone on limbs from Just Like You 79 but with the original head.

Dolls can also be created or repaired from pieces of broken or damaged dolls by collectors and restorers.


Like unauthorized Custom Dolls, these dolls will not be repaired through the American Girl Hospital. Due to unethical people sending in headless bodies to obtain multiple limited edition heads for low costs, dolls sent in for repairs must have heads accompany them or they will not be repaired.

Dolls purchased via the American Girl Benefit Sale are noted to be unable to be repaired minus repairs for silver eye.