Frances Manderly


Frances Manderly is the teacher of Felicity Merriman.

Personality and Facts

Miss Frances Manderly is the teacher of Felicity, along with Elizabeth and Annabelle Cole, and is a gracious gentlewoman. She is very ladylike and teaches young girls such skills such as needlework, tea service, and dancing; in other words, how to conduct themselves as young ladies.

In the Books

Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Elizabeth says that Miss Manderly arranged for the invitations to the Governor's Palace, having known the dancing master who taught the governor's children. Miss Manderly receives a basket of Shrewsbury cakes as a thank-you gift from Felicity and Elizabeth for the dance invitations and says the cakes are lovely.

Peril at King's Creek

Miss Manderly is briefly mentioned; she has given her students, including Felicity, a journal to practice penmanship and handwriting.

In the Film

Miss Manderly appears as a younger woman around Mother's age, rather than an elderly woman. Miss Manderly was played by Janine Theriault.

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