The Fly-Fishing Outfit as seen on (presumed) Just Like You 20 with the Fishing Accessories.

The Fly-Fishing Outfit is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2001 and retired in 2002. The outfit was paired with the Fishing Accessories. Retail cost was $24.


Light blue denim collared shirt. Lighter blue top stitching. Long sleeves with narrow cuffs. Closes down the front with a row of snaps covered by white buttons.


Overall-length dark olive waders. Black waistband. Gathered at cuff ends of pants by elastic casings.


Beige rubber boots. Tan rubber soles. Black strap at outside of ankle to cinch boots tighter.


Beige canvas fisherman's hat. Plaid lining under brim of blue and dark olive on beige. Brim is shown turned up in front.


Beige canvas vest. Three working pockets and a felt square for holding flies. Two of the pockets are cargo style with zipper closures. V-neck opening. Closes in the front with a beige zipper. 

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