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BT FestivePlaid

Festive Plaid Outfits.

The Festive Plaid Outfits were Bitty Twin outfits released in 2004 and retired in 2006. Retail cost was $44.

Girl's Dress Set[]

Red knit calf-length dress with ribbed trim at sleeve cuffs and slightly curved hem. Brown blanket stitching around neck, continuing into diagonal false closure on left front shoulder. Two light tan buttons at closure. Dark green Christmas tree graphic with red trunk, white rickrack garland, and red, white, and green sequin ornaments and embroidered gold star on center front. Red, green and white leggings. Shoulder bag and star shaped hair accessory both trimmed in bright red. Red ankle boots with Velcro straps and black rubber soles.

Boy's Pants Set[]

Light dusky green knit sweater with ribbed edging around waist and wrists. Red blanket stitching around neck, subtle cabling at seams of raglan sleeves. Christmas tree graphic on center front; this is identical to the one on the girl's dress. Full-gathered knee length knickers in red, green and white plaid. Knit stockings in same color as sweater. Jade-green ankle boots with Velcro strap and black rubber soles.


The Bitty Twins' Christmas Cookies.