Felipe Romero is the grandfather of Josefina Montoya. Josefina refers to him as "Abuelito", the Spanish word for Grandfather.




Abuelito is a trader along the Camino Real. He and Abuelita live in Santa Fe. Once a year he organizes a large caravan down the Camino Real from the Santa Fe area to Mexico City. He always has wonderful stories about the caravan, from sandstorms to robbers to wild animals. He loves to tell the stories and his grandchildren like listening.

In the Books

Meet Josefina: An American Girl

Abuelito is first mentioned when Josefina teases Ana that she sounds like him when she says she will become old before her time. He has been gone six months on the yearly caravan to Mexico City and the girls are excited as he is due back any day.

When he arrives at the rancho, he has Tía Dolores with him, back from Mexico City. He tells the story about how the caravan was saved by her piano. He retells the story over and over during the fandango, increasing the amount of thieves. When Tía Dolores decides to stay at the rancho, he pretends to be cross and says that with here there, he'll have to take more trips to the rancho.

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  1. Santiago is not a middle name; it is his mother's last name, due to Spanish naming conventions. However, the more correct naming convention would be "Felipe Romero Santiago", putting the father's name first. [1]
  2. In most Spanish-speaking countries of the time a woman would generally not drop her maiden name or change her name, but many would add the husband's last name onto hers.
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