Felicity Saves the Day

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Felicity Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Felicity series. With her BeForever rerelease, it is now part of A Stand for Independence.



Chapter by Chapter Summary

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1774

Discusses how people spent time outdoors during colonial times. Topics include:

  • The sizzling heat of Virginia during the summer.
  • How colonists kept themselves cool, from using fans to using blinds.
  • What clothing girls wore to keep cool.
  • Gardening and the many uses of herbs.
  • Slaves on plantations and how they lived.
  • How some slaves were able to get their freedom.

Items associated with Felicity Saves The Day

Book Covers


Once Felicity's Summer Outfit became unavailable through American Girl prior to Felicity's archival, the cover was changed to show her in her traveling gown.

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