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Felicity Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Felicity series. With her BeForever rerelease, it is now part of A Stand for Independence.



Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: King's Creek Plantation[]

Chapter Two: Faithful Friends[]

Chapter Three: The Note in the Bird Bottle[]

Chapter Four: Runaway[]

Chapter Five: Penny Saves the Day[]

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1774[]

Discusses how people spent time outdoors during colonial times. Topics include:

  • The sizzling heat of Virginia during the summer.
  • How colonists kept themselves cool, from using fans to using blinds.
  • The styles of clothing girls wore to keep cool.
  • Gardening and the many uses of herbs.
  • Enslaved people on plantations and how they lived.
  • How some enslaved people were able to get their freedom.

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