Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story is the second book in the Felicity series. With her BeForever rerelease, it is now part of Love and Loyalty.




Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Apple Butter Day

Chapter Two: Loose Tooth Tea

Chapter Three: Tea in the River

Chapter Four: Bananabelle

Chapter Five: A Bright Red Cardinal Bird

Looking Back: School in 1774

Discusses education during colonial times. Topics covered:

  • The use of hornbooks, quill pens and copybooks to teach children how to read and write.
  • Wealthy children being taught by tutors, with some boys going on to attend the College of William and Mary, where they could start at age 12 and stay all the way through college.
  • Opinions regarding the education of girls, as they were taught the arts of housewifery by their mothers to assist in learning how to run a household.
  • Lessons girls were taught by teachers, such as learning how to dance, play musical instruments, practicing fancy stitchery, and the proper way of serving tea.
  • Tea lessons serving as a way to not only practice good manners, but to learn how to carry polite conversations and to remind colonists of their English background and traditions.
  • The difference in viewpoints between Patriots and Loyalists - Patriots believed the colonies should be independent from England while Loyalists believed the colonies should still be ruled by the King.
  • Famous and important Patriots in the 1770s, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Patrick Henry.

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