Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure is an American Girl Movie based on the character Felicity Merriman and her stories.



Books Included in the Film

The movies intersperses plots and scenes from Felicity's central series, with the birth of Polly being lifted from Felicity's New Sister.

Movie/Book Differences

  • Felicity first meets Elizabeth and Annabelle at Merriman's Store, as opposed to Miss Manderly's home in Felicity Learns a Lesson.
  • In Felicity Learns a Lesson, Felicity begins attending Miss Manderly's lessons around autumn 1774, meaning she is nine at the time. In the movie, Felicity begins her lessons shortly after her tenth birthday in 1775.
  • Felicity receives her Riding Habit from Grandfather himself in the movie when the Merrimans arrive at King's Creek. In Changes for Felicity, Mother gives Felicity the Travel Trunk containing the outfit after Grandfather's death.
  • Miss Manderly is shown to be a younger woman around Mother's age, with reddish-brown hair. In the books, she is shown to be a much older woman with gray hair.
  • The Cole family is explicitly of a higher social class in the movie.
  • The invitation Felicity receives from the footman is for the Templetons' Christmas Eve ball, not a dancing lesson at the Governor's Palace on January 7.
  • In the books, Mother is ill during the Christmas season from a cold. In the movie, it is the birth of Polly that indirectly leads to her illness. Furthermore, Polly is born at home, not on the road as seen in Felicity's New Sister.
  • Ben only takes Felicity to the Governor's Palace and does not actually attend the dancing lesson in Felicity's Surprise. In the movie Ben not only escorts Felicity, but accompanies her to the Templetons' ball.
  • In Felicity's Surprise, Father is unable to escort Felicity to the Governor's Palace because Mother is still weak from her illness and Rose is not at the Merriman household to look after her. In the film, Father is unable to escort Felicity to the Templetons' ball because of an emergency meeting held by the Patriot Army.

Television Release

The movie premiered on November 29, 2005, on the WB channel.

DVD Release

The DVD was released on December 6, 2005. Early editions came with a horse-and-foal bracelet.[1]

A second early edition of the movie could also be ordered with an abridged copy of Meet Felicity and a Felicity Mini Doll.[2]

A deluxe DVD edition of the movie was released on February 15, 2011, to celebrate American Girl's 25th anniversary. Retail cost was $14.95. American Girl retired in the DVD in 2020.

DVD Differences

The original DVD edition presented the movie in fullscreen format and contained the following extras:

  • On Set with Felicity
  • Felicity's Tour of Williamsburg
  • Information about the American Girl Club
  • Samantha: An American Girl Holiday trailer[3]
  • DVD-ROM Weblink to AmericanGirl.com
  • English, French, and Spanish subtitles

The deluxe DVD edition presented the movie in widescreen format and contained the following extras:

  • Women in Williamsburg
  • All About Felicity, An American Girl
  • On Set with Felicity
  • Felicity's Tour of Williamsburg (renamed as Felicity's Williamsburg)
  • English subtitles

Items Associated With the Movie


DVD Covers

Deluxe DVD edition.


  • In Felicity's illustrations, Elizabeth originally had brown hair and eyes. After the movie, the doll was made into a blond with blue eyes and the original illustrations, along with the text alluding to aspects of Elizabeth's appearance, were edited so that there were no discrepancies. One theory is that the doll was changed because Katie Henney is blond; the official position from American Girl is that this was to distinguish between her and Felicity.
  • At the Ball, Felicity and Elizabeth dance to Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". This was composed in 1787.
  • Christmas carolers are shown singing "Deck the Halls". The English language version of that carol ("Nos Galen", a New Year's song from Wales) did not appear until the 1880s.

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