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Felicity's Work Gown, shown with the Needlework Kit and Frame.

Felicity's Work Gown (also known as the Work Gown) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1993 and retired in 2003. Retail cost was $20 and increased to $22.


Cream, brown and green striped gown with ruffled sleeves and collar trim. Has slits on sides of skirt to access separate pocket.


Plain off-white kerchief (fichu). Light pattern. Can either be tied around the shoulders or tucked into the front of the dress for modesty.


Plain off-white apron. Ties around the waist. The weave of the apron has a light floral pattern.

Mob cap[]

Off-white mob cap. Double ruffle at hem. Light green ribbon attached tied into a bow.


Felicity6 3

Felicity's illustration work gown, as shown on the third cover of Changes for Felicity.

  • Felicity frequently wears a work gown in book illustrations. This was called the Apple Butter Gown in her paper dolls (and the second set) and the Everyday Gown and Work Cap in Felicity's Play Scenes and Paper Dolls. This dress has thicker stripes and is a blue color. The work gown as part of the collection was never portrayed in illustrations.