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Felicity's Valentine is part of the Short Stories collections, focusing on Felicity Merriman. It was released in Felicity's Short Story Collection and never released as an individual volume.


Only in Felicity's Valentine[]

Story Summary[]

Meet The Author[]

Looking Back: Valentines in 1774[]

Discusses celebrations of St. Valentine's Day during colonial times. Topics include:

  • How homemade valentines were made.
  • How colonists practiced their handwriting, so that they wouldn't make any mistakes.
  • The poetry or puzzle colonists wrote on their valentines.
  • How a valentine writer helped struggling writers.
  • How colonists sealed their valentines, since they didn't have envelopes.
  • How valentines, and other things, were delivered or mailed to other people and places.
  • Why mail wasn't private in colonial times, and what were written in early valentines.