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Felicity's Undergarments.

Felicity's Undergarments were introduced to Felicity's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2019. Retail cost was $28.


White cotton shift with short sleeves and pleating around the front and back of neckline.


Ivory fabric with floral print in red, blue, orange, and green shades. Lines of stitching on front and back to replicate boning. Stays fasten with velcro on right side. A red ribbon ties stays in front, but it can be completely untied to separate the stays into two pieces.


Ivory cotton bumroll to go over shift. White cotton ribbons on both ends tie around waist.


  • Felicity's stays are laced in a shoelace style; however, stays at the time would have most likely been spiral laced.
  • This is the only set of Felicity's underthings that come with her shift, as all other releases of the doll had a shift under her dress.

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