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Felicity's Traveling Gown.

Felicity's Traveling Gown was introduced as a Short Story outfit and part of Felicity's Collection in 1999 to complement the short story Felicity's New Sister; it later became Felicity's second meet outfit in 2005. Retail cost was $22 when sold independently.


Lavender taffeta gown (simulating silk) with white vertical stripes. Blue and red embroidered flowers. Elbow length sleeves. Decorative tucks on the bodice, sleeves, and skirt hem. Velcros up the back. Side slits in the skirt for pocket access.

Mob Cap[]

White mob cap. Light lavender and white ribbon trim.


Lavender and white ribbon choker to resemble flowers. Elastic is in the choker to allow it to stretch. Fastens with a hook and eye at the back.

As Felicity's Meet Outfit[]


Felicity's traveling gown as the second meet outfit.

In 2005 with the revamp of Felicity's Collection, the outfit was changed into Felicity's meet outfit; the meet accessories changed to include the choker and cap that had come with the dress, and a white ribbon was added. It remained her meet outfit until she was retired in 2011 and was later replaced with the third, BeForever designed meet outfit.