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Felicity's Town Fair Outfit.

Felicity's Town Fair Outfit was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1997 as a Limited Edition Outfit and was retired in 2000. Retail cost was $28.


Teal cotton ankle length dress. Light print Elbow length white sleeves. White lace at sleeves and neckline. Three lines of golden ribbon trim at the bottom. Velcros up the back and has slits in the skirt.


Pink and white/gold striped narrow skirt apron.

Mob Cap[]

White mob cap. Golden ribbon and lace trim.


Wooden windmill toy. Teal flag at top with spinning windmills on base and long pole. Handle on pole for doll to hold windmill.

The windmill is prone to breaking.



Fashion Plate from 1778.

  • The prototype version of this dress had separate parts for the gown and the white shift; they were combined when the set was released officially.
  • A version of the outfit is seen in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure.
  • The outfit appears to be based on a dress shown on a French fashion plate from 1778.