Felicity's Summer Outfit.

Felicity's Summer Outfit was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 (as two separate pieces; see "Trivia") and retired in 2009. It is associated with the book Felicity Saves the Day. Retail cost was $28.


White cotton gown. Eyelet ruffles on neckline and sleeves. Blue ribbon trim on sleeves. Tucks on skirt. Velcros up the back. Side slits for pocket.


Blue and white brocade ribbon. Images of butterflies and flowers. Ties on at waist.

Lace Cap

Lace mob cap. Floral pattern.


FelicitySummerGown girls

Girls' Summertime Gown and Hat.

Wide straw hat. Small crown and wide brim. Attached blue ribbon with pink cloth roses.


Light green brocaded shoes with pink and cream chevron accents. Attached white ribbon ties.

Dress Like Your Doll

The matching outfit was available and sold as the Summertime Gown and Felicity's Rose-Trimmed Hat; both items were phased out around 2000.

  • Gown: $85
  • Hat: $35


  • The outfit was originally sold in two separate parts: the Summer Gown and Lace Cap for $22 and the Straw Hat and Brocade Slippers for $18. They were combined in 2005.
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