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Felicity's Party Treats.

Felicity's Party Treats was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2005. It is associated with Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Retail cost was $28.


Two separate round, glass serving platters with bases; bottom salver is larger than top salver.


Traditional European cake known as a "bundt" cake for its ring-shaped style of cake pan mold. Cake is brown chocolate with faux sugar sprinkles on top.


Five faux marzipan strawberries.

Lemon Slices[]

Two pretend candied lemon slices.

Orange Slices[]

Two pretend candied orange slices.


Four open-crusted fruit tarts. Two of the tarts are round with red filling and lattice crusts. The other two tarts are oval shaped and have purple filling; over the filling are two strips of crust (one horizontal and one vertical) that intersect in the middle.


Bouquet of white, pink, purple, and yellow flowers.


White, porcelain, five-fingered quintal flower vase. Main body and each tubular-hole "finger" have decorative etching and patterning to them.


Hand-painted figurine of girl looking down while holding a lamb; see "TRIVIA" section below for difference in two variations of figurine.


  • There were two variations of the figurine: one featured dark brown hair and the other featured light brown hair.
  • The dark brown haired figurine had dots going down the dress, and the light-brown haired figurine had stripes.
  • The lamb that the figurines hold were different sizes: the dark-haired figurine had a smaller lamb than the light-haired one.
  • The base for the figurines were different: the dark-haired figurine's base was an off-white cream color and featured less scrollwork than the light-haired figurine's base, and the light-haired figurine's base was also more white.